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Re: [tracecompass-dev] Multiple state providers

Hi Yonghong,

Yes you definitely can! As long as each of your XML analysis has a different ID, the ID being the one from the state provider or pattern element, so you have a line like this in your XML:

<stateProvider id="test.xml.attributes" version="1">


<pattern id="org.eclipse.tracecompass.xml.tests.statevaluescenarios" version="0">

Best regards,


On 3/2/20 4:13 PM, tracecompass developer discussions wrote:
We are experimenting tracecompass XML-based data-driven analysis. Can we create two or multiple XML files, each with its own provider (unique named) and then imported to the tracecompass to process a trace. Basically, are we allowed to have two or more state systems for the same trace. 
Thank you

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