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Re: [tracecompass-dev] EASE scripted analyses and views

>> Hi,
>> With javascript/python EASE script call to openTimeGraphView or openXYChartView is there some way to do:
>> 1) Set the window title of the created view to something less generic than "Scripted XX view"
>No, unfortunately, this is not supported yet

Any chance it's on a todo list somewhere?

>> 2) Create more than one view, say if an analysis has multiple related views to display, or perhaps a separate (possibly related) view from a second scripted analysis?

>I think that you can have one XY and one time graph view per data
>provider/analysis. The views are differentiated by their secondary IDs,
>which are unique for an data provider name, which is the name of the
>analysis. So if you have a second analysis with a different name, then
>it would open a different view.

>But it would indeed be nice [and not too hard] to be able to
>parameterize a bit more.

Yeah once I pulled down the source for the timegraph view I realized the problem was the 1-to-1 relationship between analysis & timegraph.
A workaround that'll work for now is to simply create a separate analysis for the related view.

Back to a todo list - is there a list of roadmap/nice-to-haves/upcoming items somewhere?

Jim White

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