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[tracecompass-dev] Design Documents/Aligned X Axis

Hi all,

We have a need in something similar to the idea described in "Proposal 3: Compressed" here [1]. The main idea is to put different viewers one under another to maintain the same viewport in terms of time (or X axis).

The main requirements for the new view:
- synchronized vertical sashes;
- shared X axis (viewport boundaries along the axis);
- ability for a user to customize set and order of pairs of viewers (can be named "lanes", "rows"). Could be done with an additional form where a user can define the set and order of lanes;
- ability for a user to customize each lane with items to show there (like filters for a TimeGraphView or checkboxes for a TmfChartView);
- each lane must have an ability to fix its Y axis to user-defined values;
- widgets should not be created only by analysis, a user should be able to add views that are not connected to a specific analysis;
- not sure if any headers are needed for lanes.

It is quite similar to the "Proposal 3", but I'd like to make it possible to open any view (or at least some of them) whether as a separate view or as a TimeLineView widget. Sometimes a user wants to see a widget twice with different filters for example. At this point I don't know whether it is possible (or even makes sense) to make existing views to be shown as widgets of another view or should we create new widgets for the new view.

Could anyone suggest the best entry point to begin to investigate the topic, please?


Best regards,
Ivan Grinenko
Software Engineer


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