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Re: [tracecompass-dev] [OI2JIRO] Migration of TraceCompass JIPP to new CI infrastructure



Just an update on this one. The migration is still ongoing. It seems to be more involving than expected. Simon Delisle is working hard on the migration.


Currently, you might see some extra Gerrit verification job entries in Gerrit patches with the name “Trace Compass Bot”. Please ignore it and remove it from the review (especially if it put -1).





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Just to let you know, that the Trace Compass JIPP is going to be migrated to the new CI infrastructure soon. This will have some impact on the Trace Compass Jenkins jobs (also incubator) during the migration, but the migrated jobs should be up and running soon after.


See wiki [1] about the background of the migration, and you can follow the migration on bug [2].








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