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Re: [tracecompass-dev] Live Tracing on Trace Compass

Hi Mosleh


Great to see your interest in Trace Compass.


The Trace Compass UI doesnât support live tracing. This feature is in our backlog, but we havenât got around to implement it. Right now, we donât have any bandwidth to work on this either.


However, we are interested in this feature and would support and help to get such a contribution into Trace Compass. Please let me know if youâre interested in contributing to Trace Compass.


Best Regards




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I am using LTTng to conduct live tracing on my application, I want to use trace compass to view the live trace data. Currently I import the live traces, however I notice that the gui is not updating when the traces are. Is there a way to configure  Trace Compass to update the traces in some interval so I could view live traces?