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[tracecompass-dev] Scalability

Hey gang,

We're finally starting to look at converting our custom traces into CTF so we can leverage tools like TraceCompass and, of course, contribute to it. One thing I quickly ran into is a scalability issue I'm seeing with libbabeltrace.

I have one of our trace which has 16 million events, the size of each event is around 32 bytes giving me a 540MB file. My first attempt at simply writing out the CTF events without a flush ran out of virtual memory. I then flushed after every event which made each event take 32K. So I found a middle ground and the resulting stream file is close to the same size.

But when I use babeltrace to print it out, I ran out of virtual memory. I then hand coded a reader and simply adding the trace to the context caused the memory issue. It really looks like libbabeltrace (version 1.5 from the Ubuntu 18.04 distro), tries to inflate the events into it's internal representation for the entire trace. I need to do more investigation to confirm that.

So my question for this list, would TraceCompass do better? Does it have it's own parsing libraries?