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Re: [tracecompass-dev] Building TC from source - configuration recommendations?

We now succeeded with the Windows build and here is what we did (i.e. what worked for us):

1) Installed the Eclipse IDE for Committers v4.9.
2) Imported the TC source project from git.
3) Set v4.2.0 as the API baseline in Eclipse.
4) Installed "SWT Chart" and "JSON for Java" from the Orbit v2018-9 component (Eclipse external update site).
5) Installed "SWT Tools".
6) Installed "Remote Services".
7) Installed "C/C++ development tools".
8) Installed "Xtext".
9) Installed "Performance, profiling and tracing tool".

Regarding step (9) we initially had a discrepancy between Linux and Windows host because of the OProfile component which works for Linux but not for Windows.

The above left us with zero build errors and about 430 warnings (not sure if that's a good score).

I am not sure about the "target platform" setting either. Although it's recommended in the TC wiki and it has not been explicitly set everything seems to work.

Best Regards, Rudolf

Am 2019-03-07 08:48, schrieb rreinsberger@xxxxxxxxx:

In order to investigate a TC performance issue we encountered we
decided to build TC from source and to debug the issue ourselves.

Alas, building TC from source (from scratch and as a newcomer) turned
out to be a very mixed bag and became a significant effort for days.

Firstly, the documentation in
seems incomplete as it is not referring to the Eclipse components wich
are required in addition to what's in the Committers/PDE version,
respectively where from to get these missing components.

Secondly, the build result is highly depending on the following
version related decisions:
- Which Eclipse IDE version (not flavor) to use as the development IDE.
- Which target platform version to chose.
- Which API baseline version to chose.

Experimenting with the above resulted in a more or less voluminous
list of errors and warnings of different characteristics but each
result leaving one pretty helpless regarding what to do to reduce the

Under Linux we now succeeded to patch together a buildable
configuration using versions 4.9 consistently as we found this version
reference in the sources. Under Windows we are still failing to
reproduce this result. Trying the Oomph installer as recommended
didn't improve on that, rather the opposite.

Please provide a recommendation regarding the above version choices
and we'll try working our way forward from there.

Best Regards,
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