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Re: [tracecompass-dev] API change: CallStack Analysis


I noticed that the CallGraphStatistics view is not populated for the totals over the whole trace. Selection stats are populated. If I set a breakpoint in AbstractSegmentStatisticsAnalysis [line: 69] - executeAnalysis(IProgressMonitor), then it works after resuming the thread.

Anybody have seen this with latest master?

Please let me know

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Sent: May 16, 2018 12:45:23 PM
To: Trace Compass List
Subject: [tracecompass-dev] API change: CallStack Analysis

Hi all,

We've been experimenting with the callstack analysis in the incubator
for a while now. That feature is known as the Generic Callstack and it
has feature parity and much more with the current CallStack analysis, so
we'll slowly move it in the main repo. There's a lot of code there and
API freeze is may 23rd, so here's the [very] short term plan to migrate
the feature:

1- Add a new set of plugins in Trace Compass:

2- Move the IFlameChartProvider and IFlameGraphProvider from the
incubator to those plugins.

3- Move the current CallStackAnalysis and its view to that plugin and
have it extend the previous interfaces. The one in tmf.[core|ui] will be

4- For implementers, all you have to do is have your CallStackAnalysis
and view extend the new ones instead of the deprecated ones and no other
code change should be needed for now. I'll let you know of any other
update required, but I can think of none for now.

As another step to productify the generic callstack, we'll be doing the

* Move some interfaces from the incubator's analysis.core plugin to
analysis.os.linux.core in the main repo, so that an os-aware callstack
can eventually make use of it, and analysis in the main repo can
implement those interfaces instead of having wrappers in the incubator.

That's it for 4.0, then it gives us plenty of time to migrate the code
to main repo and add the generic callstack features in the 4.0 cycle,
without requiring major API breakages.



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