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Re: [tracecompass-dev] API change: CallStack Analysis

So the change has been merged, it's harmless enough ;-) Thanks for the
prompt reviews.

Additional notes to implementers:

* If you extend the CallStackAnalysis or anything related, you'll need
to add a dependency to
'org.eclipse.tracecompass.analysis.profiling.[core|ui]' and update all
references to the now deprecated classes (they have the same name,
package, just change 'tmf' to 'analysis.profiling').

* The symbols have also been moved to the profiling plugins and the ones
in tmf.core/ui have been deprecated. Just changing the references should
be enough. If you extended the symbol provider extension point, you may
update the extension point name to

* In addition to the profiling plugins, you may need to add dependencies
to the following plugins if you extended the CallStackAnalysis:
org.eclipse.tracecompass.analysis.timing.core and


On 2018-05-16 12:45 PM, Geneviève Bastien wrote:
> Hi all,
> We've been experimenting with the callstack analysis in the incubator
> for a while now. That feature is known as the Generic Callstack and it
> has feature parity and much more with the current CallStack analysis, so
> we'll slowly move it in the main repo. There's a lot of code there and
> API freeze is may 23rd, so here's the [very] short term plan to migrate
> the feature:
> 1- Add a new set of plugins in Trace Compass:
> org.eclipse.tracecompass.analysis.profiling.[core|ui][.tests[.swtbot]]
> 2- Move the IFlameChartProvider and IFlameGraphProvider from the
> incubator to those plugins.
> 3- Move the current CallStackAnalysis and its view to that plugin and
> have it extend the previous interfaces. The one in tmf.[core|ui] will be
> deprecated.
> 4- For implementers, all you have to do is have your CallStackAnalysis
> and view extend the new ones instead of the deprecated ones and no other
> code change should be needed for now. I'll let you know of any other
> update required, but I can think of none for now.
> As another step to productify the generic callstack, we'll be doing the
> following:
> * Move some interfaces from the incubator's analysis.core plugin to
> analysis.os.linux.core in the main repo, so that an os-aware callstack
> can eventually make use of it, and analysis in the main repo can
> implement those interfaces instead of having wrappers in the incubator.
> That's it for 4.0, then it gives us plenty of time to migrate the code
> to main repo and add the generic callstack features in the 4.0 cycle,
> without requiring major API breakages.
> Cheers,
> Geneviève
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