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[tracecompass-dev] TimeGraphView Visualization Bug

Hello list!

I'm having eye ache analyzing an application with Trace Compass due to
a visualization bug which has been in mainstream for some time. I have
detected two problems:

 - The fist one is missing "small black dots" that highlight events
   not being drawn on screen because of having a too high zoom out.
 - The second appears as I'm zooming in little by little. I see how
   small events appear and disappear i.e. in zoom A an event (small
   rectangle) is being drawn, but in zoom A+1 this event has
   completely disappeared. The process repeats until events 

Please, take a look at the following sequence of screenshots which try
to better ilustrate the problem. Each screenshot increases by one the
zoom level with respect to the previous image. The correct ordering is
the timestamp in the image name (just sort it by name if downloaded).

I'm using the last stable release of Trace Compass 3.3.0.

Could you try to fix it? It's hard to find specific events if they
only apprear when zooming in the area.

Thank you!

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