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[tracecompass-dev] Accessing LTTng-ust cpu_id event field inside an XML state provider


This is my first message on the list, please excuse me if it is not

I'm writing a custom state provider in XML and I'm wondering
how can I access the CPU id of a user space event within the state
provider. I have tried with:

  <stateAttribute type="eventField" value="cpu_id" />
But it is not found. The babeltrace output of the LTTng trace shows me:

[17:33:44.238047390] (+0.000000366) xeon08 nanos:ust_task_label: { cpu_id = 24 }, { vpid = 24505, vtid = 24557, procname = "cholesky-weakit" }, { task_id = 1, task_label = "dgemm" }

so the "cpu_id" field is present, although is not one of the
user-defined tracepoint parameters such as "task_id" or "task_label".

Any hint?

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