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[tracecompass-dev] Trace type vs trace profile

Hi all,

Here's a topic I've been munching the past months. I think we've reached
the limits of the concept of "trace type", or at least, it's being used
for more than it should.

A trace has one and only one "trace type" and analyses are linked to the
trace type. But that trace type refers more to the trace format, ie how
to read the trace, while the analyses relate to the content of the
trace. And the more trace types we have, the more their content overlap
and analyses from other trace types apply.

To name a few example, an LTTng JUL Trace from a Trace Compass
application has the same events/fields as a trace-event trace. A
perf2ctf trace has both kernel and userspace data.

So I'm proposing to add the concept of "trace profile", which will
correspond to the content of the trace. A trace can have many profiles,
some profiles can be guessed from the trace type, especially if it has
pre-defined events. And the user  can add profiles to her trace. The
analyses would be linked to a profile instead of a trace type.

I'll experiment with it in the incubator, but that concept should
definitely be in the core.



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