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[tracecompass-dev] Live updates of Trace Compass views?


I've been looking into using Trace Compass to display trace data events written to a CTF file.  The trace data events are generated when I run a bare metal application.

Is there a way to do live updates of the Trace Compass views like the flame graph or call stack?  i.e., after trace data gets appended to a CTF file, I'd like to see the Trace Compass views updated with the new data.

I looked at the Trace Compass documentation and there is live update support for LTTng, but that wouldn't work in my case since there is no OS running on the target hardware.

Are there any workarounds?  I tried refreshing a trace through the UI, after the CTF file gets modified, and it seems to require deleting the supplementary files, closing the events editor, and re-opening the trace.  I just want the views to update after a refresh.

Norman Yee

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