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Re: [tracecompass-dev] Call stack view not sorted correctly by depth

Hi Rocky,

I have hit a similar problem before while having fun with providers.

Some tips:

1- look at the state system explorer, make sure that the depths and the quarks are in order.

2- close and re-open tracecompass. Maybe it is a sorting thing, that happens when we have zero time events. (shouldn't happen but I did it when I made some math errors.)

3- are you using duration style events? if you create children before parents, the graph flips sometimes.

Take a look at the code in the trace compass incubator for more inspiration on how to make callstacks. Here is the easiest example of where to read the code

Cheers, and keep us posted if there are more questions.

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Subject: [tracecompass-dev] Call stack view not sorted correctly by depth
I have implemented a custom call stack analysis by extending CallStackStateProvider.  In one trace I have a call stack depth of 33.  When I view it in the call stack view, it is for some reason not sorted by depth.  Notice in the screenshot that the values in the depth column itself are correct, but the stack frame UI elements are not sorted visually by this depth.  There is some kind of interesting pattern that might shed light -- the even numbered depths are at the bottom (except for 1) and the odd depths are at the top.

Any ideas what could lead to this or what I might be doing wrong?

Inline image 1


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