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Re: [tracecompass-dev] Txt parser to custom analysis

Hi Johan,

On 12/05/2016 03:56 AM, Johan Vereijken wrote:
> My questions:
> Is this the right place to ask these questions?
> Is it possible using a text input trace to create the graph I want?
Yes, any kind of trace can be used with custom analyses
> How can i get the state provider to use the events coming from the
> custom text parser?
The trace type tag for custom traces is a bit tricky. For example, one
of my analysis that runs on a custom text trace has the following tag:


Where "TMF" is the category and "TraceCompassLog" is the name of my
trace type.

In your case, I guess you could try

Text-xml:xml" />

If you select your trace in the project explorer and look at the
"Properties" view, the last 2 parts if the type ID property will give
you what to put after the :

Let us know if this works.


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