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[tracecompass-dev] Native dialog with both file and directory support


A few times in the past, we have discussed the possibility of simplifying the action of opening a trace by being able to open both files and folders through the same native dialog. It was believed to be a limitation on most "native" widget libraries. Here is how things are:

On Windows, it doesn't seem possible, see:

On macOS, this is possible, see:

On GTK (Linux mainly), this is not possible at the moment, see:

Since Microsoft has been quite responsive to feedback lately, I will send this suggestion. We should still look at other alternatives to simplify things in case it never happens but you never know.

In case you are wondering, I looked into this because I noticed Visual Studio Code on Mac just had "Open..." and worked with both. We could do as they do and offer that only on Mac but it's not worth it given the user base.


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