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[tracecompass-dev] CTF2-DOCID-1.0: CTF 2 document identifier format

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Philippe Proulx
EfficiOS Inc.

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= CTF2-DOCID-1.0: CTF{nbsp}2 document identifier format
Philippe Proulx <pproulx@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
v1.0, 21 October 2016
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:docid: did:CTF2-DOCID-1.0

.RFC 2119
NOTE: The key words _must_, _must not_, _required_, _shall_, _shall
not_, _should_, _should not_, _recommended_, _may_, and _optional_ in
this document, when emphasized, are to be interpreted as described in[RFC 2119].

== Format

All published documents related to CTF{nbsp}2 must have a unique
**document identifier** (ID) which have the following format:

    CTF2-<short name>-<major>.<minor>[r<revision>]

.Descriptions and roles of CTF{nbsp}2 document ID parts
|Part |Description |Bump _may_ introduce new concepts, procedures, and formats? |Bump _may_ remove or change existing concepts, procedures, and formats?

|The capitalized **short name** of the document,
unique amongst all the published CTF{nbsp}2 documents (letters

|The **major version number** of the document.

|The **minor version number** of the document.

The **revision letter** of the document (from `A` to `Z`).

Document revisions are used to add examples, clarify existing concepts,
fix grammar or content mistakes, or reword existing parts, for example.

.CTF{nbsp}2 document ID
Consider this CTF{nbsp}2 document ID:


Its parts are:

* **`CTF2`**: This is a CTF{nbsp}2 document.
* **`ANAME`**: Document's short name.
* **`1.2`**: First major version, third minor version.
* **`rC`**: Revision C of the document.

== References

The text of any published CTF{nbsp}2 document _must_ only use the
document ID of another published CTF{nbsp}2 document to which it refers,
_without_ the <<rev,revision letter>>.

.CTF{nbsp}2 document reference
If a CTF{nbsp}2 producer applies CTF2-ANAME-1.2, ...

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