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Re: [tracecompass-dev] Beginner question: Which plugins to install in Eclipse?

Hi David,

You can either download Trace Compass as a stand-alone application or install its plug-ins into an existing Eclipse. For the stand-alone version, you can download it from:

If you want to install the plug-ins, you need Eclipse 4.5 or later. There are some instructions here:
You will need to use this URL as a location:
Since you are interested in viewing LTTng traces, you could install both the LTTng Kernel Analysis and LTTng Userspace Analysis features (I assume your trace is one of the two types).

Another option is to download Eclipse IDE for C/C++ Developers which already contains the Trace Compass features you need to open a LTTng trace. It's available here:

The Eclipse in Ubuntu packages is very outdated so you will not be able to use Trace Compass with it.

Hope this helps,

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I want to use Trace Compass to visualise a lttng trace that was captured from the command line.


Which plugins do I need to install in Eclipse?  (I am running Eclipse 3.8 on Ubuntu 14.04).


Is there a simple tutorial for installing the plugins and viewing a trace?


(I have google’d this but the documentation seems to be mainly directed at Trace Compass developers).


Best regards




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