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[tracecompass-dev] Getting duration for intervals in CallStackView

I'm able to update the state system to add additional attributes that I want to appear in the popup that appears when I hover the mouse over an interval in my extension of CallStackView. This works if I have an attribute I know the value of an attribute at the start event of the interval, where I push and pop the quark with this value.

I have some attributes that I know the value of only at the end event for the interval that I want to display similarly. If I push and pop a quark that contains the value, then that value appears in the State System Explorer view for the time/duration between the push and pop of the quark.

The problem is that I don't seem to have either the start time or the duration for the interval at the time that the end event is being processed.

I can make this work by creating another attribute/quark that contains the interval start time, and push the quark for that attribute in the processing for the entry event then get that quark in the exit event processing, use the value and pop the quark.

I'm wondering if there's a better way to do this.



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