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[tracecompass-dev] Extending filtering for CallStackView

I have figured out how to run multiple analyses extended from AbstractCallStackAnalysis for the same trace. I've also figured out how to set a content provider extending TimeGraphContentProvider to my class extending CallStackView so I can make timelines for individual threads visible or not visible like the existing ability to make an entire process visible or not visible using the TimeGraphFilterDialog. I potentially have a lot of threads per process, so this helps the user reduce clutter.

The problem is that the filtering to hide or show threads does not persist when I switch between analyses for the same thread. If I invoke the TimeGraphFilterDialog to pick a set of threads to hide, the view is updated when I close that dialog.

I invoke CallStackView.rebuild() when I switch between analyses.

It seems that this method and CallStackView.refresh() use a private (AbstractTimeGraphView.fFiltersMap) map to track the specified filter active for each trace when multiple traces are open.

Since I don't seem to have access to this map, I can't update it, so whatever I set using the TimeGraphFilterDialog gets overwritten when I switch analyses.

If I had a way to update this map via getter and setter methods then I think what I am trying will work. Alternatively, if I had access to the actual RawViewerFilter object then I could update the set of objects filtered in or out. However, that is a private class defined in ShowFiulterDialogAction so I don't see any way to get access to it.

Is there any way to get access to these objects? Is there another way I could make this work?



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