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[tracecompass-dev] Adding additional events to TmfTrace

I am trying to implement the capability to add additional trace events to a TmfTrace that is currently being viewed. For instance, the user will load a trace, resulting in the trace event editor showing the events in that trace and my call stack analysis modules running. The user then wants to load an additional trace generated by a separate tool in my product so that he can view data generated by multiple tools in the same views.

I have this somewhat working where I update my trace object that I am passing as an input to the TmfEventsEditor. In doing this, my code is closing the existing TmfEventsEditor so I can delete the cached .ht files generated by the analysis modules, deleting the cached files, then opening a new instance of the TmfEventsEditor, passing my updated trace object as input. I'm also calling indexTrace(true) and executeAnalysis() after opening the new editor.

This works for me, but in changing code have had it alternately work and not work. I have gotten to the point where I can see the new events added to the TmfEventsEditor view and where I see the call stack view update such that the start and end times shown in the view match the bounds for my updated trace, but the call stack view does not show the rectangles representing the new states.

Is what I'm doing reasonable? Is there anything I should be doing to notify the trace code that I have updated the trace and that I want to show updated trace views and updated results from analysis?



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