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[tracecompass-dev] Implementing new trrace format viewing in Trace Compass

I am trying to implement viewers using Trace Compass for a trace file generated by my plugin and some backend tools.I am having troble understanding the high level model that I need to follow to get this work. I have downloaded the source for Trace Compass and Linux tools and cannot find the source for the Nexus sample anywhere. Is there any information available that explains at a high level what I need to to to implement a new trace reader and get it to properly interface with the viewers?

My intent was to initially load the trace and have it display in a Time Chart view where I am trying to display a timeline for each thread in each process in the application that generated the trace. I'm trying to get a view that shows one timeline for each thread in each process in the traced application, so I think this is the view I want.

I have an existing trace reader for my trace format which reads the trace into memory and then opens my plugin's trace viewer. I have modified it so that it generates trace events that are implementations of the ITmfEvent interface and have started to implement a class extending TmfTrace. However, it's unclear to me what I need to do in order to initiate the processing in my TmfTrace class once I create an instance of my class and call initTrace in that class. I'm expecting parseEvent to be called to read each event, but that is not happening. I'm also not sure how I notify the viewer that trace data is available. I'm not sure if I need to call some method in the viewer or if I need to do something to hook up with the Trace Compass signal processing.

I also experimented with loading a sample Linux kernel trace in Trace Compass. It seems that when I load the trace, the initial view that gets loaded is the TmfEventsEditor and then other views seem to be populated from that editor. Therefore I'm wondering if I need to set my instance of a TmfTrace class as an editor input to that editor and then everything will run from there?

Any assistance is appreciated.


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