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[tracecompass-dev] New and Noteworthy May 2016


The Trace Compass team is heading full speed towards the Trace Compass 2.0 release released simultaneously with Eclipse Neon. RC2 is already available and contains all relevant features and API updates. All ongoing work is dedicated to the Trace Compass 2.0 release preparation.

Here are the New and Noteworthy for May 2016 (for details see [1]):
  • Add key shortcuts to collapse expand all in Time Graph views (e.g. Control Flow view)
  • Support for navigation to min or max latency in Latency Statistics view using the context sensitive menu
  • Support of LTTng v2.8 in Control view (existing features)
  • Fix concurrent execution of dependent analysis
  • Support for flat and hierarchical representation in Control Flow view
  • Group threads by traces and remove trace column from Control Flow view
  • Big performance improvement for trace import (for many traces)
  • Improvements for source code look-up and call stack symbol provider for LTTng UST
  • Integration with LTTng Babeltrace Python analyses to be able to output the results of these external analyses into Trace Compass

Ongoing work:

  • Trace Compass 2.0 release preparation


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