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[tracecompass-dev] New and Noteworthy January 2016


See below for the New & Noteworthy and ongoing work of the Trace Compass project for January 2016.

New and Noteworthy:
  • Talk accepted "Real-Time System Troubleshooting with Eclipse Trace Compass " at EclipseCon NA (see [1])
  • Support of filtering of LTTng kernel events in the Control view (Trace Compass 1.2/Mars.2, see [2])
  • Added a Density Graph that visualizes the distribution of system call latencies of the Linux Kernel (Trace Compass 2.0/Neon, see [3])
  • Added standard deviation in System Call Latency Statistics view (see [3])
  • Support of vertical zooming in Time Graph views using CTRL+ +/- or CTRL+SHIFT + mouse wheel to optimize vertical screen estate usage (see [3])
  • Add a Virtual CPU view for the virtual machine analysis (see [3])
  • Visualization of debug info for source code lookup coming with LTTng 2.8 traces (see [3])
Ongoing work:
  • Trace Compass release 1.2 as part of Mars.2
  • Continue integrating data-driven pattern detection (enhanced filtering)
  • Integration with LTTng Babeltrace Python analyses to be able to output the results of these external analyses into Trace Compass
  • Support sorting in Control Flow view


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