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[tracecompass-dev] Event requests precedence


I would like some information on how the event request coalescing works as of now and how I could make the following use case work:

* I have an analysis for an experiment (let's call it the virtual machine analysis) that runs an event request on the experiment. * That analysis also depends on individual analysis from the traces of the experiment (concretely the LttngKernelAnalysisModule from each kernel trace). * When the experiment analysis module is executed, it also makes sure the LttngKernelAnalysisModule from each child trace is executed. * But when I handle an event in the experiment, I want to be sure that the LttngKernelAnalysisModules have run with this event before handling it in the experiment.

If I just let things run by themselves right now, the order of the requests is random so the event may or may not have been handled by the traces before it is by the experiment.

How would be the best way to solve this?


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