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Re: [trace4cps-dev] Request for new feature: automatic reload of visualization if trace.etf changed

Hi Martijn,

This is a good idea to implement. In Eclipse LSAT we also suffer from this and there we created a workaround to close and reopen the TRACE editor when we have generated a new ETF. The drawback of this is that the editor might open at another tab location though.

Kind regards,
Yuri Blankenstein

Op 21 mrt. 2022 om 10:08 heeft Hendriks, Martijn <m.hendriks@xxxxxx> het volgende geschreven:

Hi all,


It would be nice to have the TRACE UI automatically refresh/update the visualization in the editor whenever the underlying .etf changes. This prevents a number of mouse clicks that are currently necessary to refresh the visualization. This is useful, e.g., in cases in which the .etf file is generated from a simulator (e.g., POOSL). While developing simulation models it is common to have a lot of small runs for debugging purposes. TRACE helps enormously with that, and having to use less mouse clicks would make it even better.


What do you think?


Best regards,


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