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[tools-pmc] Committer Election for Arnaud Fiorini on Eclipse Trace Compass has started

A committer election for Arnaud Fiorini on project Eclipse Trace Compass
(tools.tracecompass) was started by Matthew Khouzam with this criteria:

Arnaud Fiorini has made significant contributions to the Eclipse Trace
Compass project, showcasing his expertise, dedication, and collaborative
spirit. His work spans across bug fixes, feature enhancements, diligent
testing efforts, and active engagement in the broader open-source community.
It is with great enthusiasm that I nominate Arnaud Fiorini as a committer on
Eclipse Trace Compass.

Arnaud's contributions to Trace Compass include addressing critical bugs,
implementing enhancements, and maintaining code quality through rigorous
testing. Notable among his contributions are:

*    Resolving issues related to JSON field values in sorting jobs
*    Enhancing UI functionalities, such as creating new views and improving
*    Introducing CPU analysis for querying callsite statesystem in lttng-ust
*    Adding support for multiple depth callstack and merging callstack with
profiling, which significantly enhances the tool's capabilities and was not
an easy feat by any means.
*    Actively participating in discussions, reviewing code, and providing
valuable insights to the Trace Compass community
*    Demonstrating exceptional diligence and expertise in test writing and

In addition to his technical contributions, Arnaud has also made significant
efforts to promote tracing and share his knowledge within the open-source
community. He has presented on tracing publicly and within various FOSS (Free
and Open Source Software) domains, showcasing his expertise and contributing
to the broader understanding of tracing technologies. Examples of his
presentations can be found in the following videos:



He also co-organizes bi-yearly research sync projects showcasing the FOSS
efforts of the dorsal research lab. (pardon
my French)

Arnaud's commitment to excellence, collaborative approach, and active
engagement in both technical and community aspects make him an ideal
candidate for committer-ship. He has proven himself to be a valuable asset to
the Trace Compass project and will undoubtedly continue to contribute
positively to its growth and success.

I wholeheartedly endorse Arnaud Fiorini's nomination as a committer on
Eclipse Trace Compass and am confident that his expertise, dedication, and
collaborative spirit will further enrich the project. This nomination should
have happened a LONG time ago. :)

Arnaud, you rock!

Eclipse Trace Compass project committers can click the election link below to



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