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[tools-pmc] Project Lead election for Alexander Kriegisch on Eclipse AspectJ™

A project lead election for Alexander Kriegisch on project Eclipse AspectJ™
(tools.aspectj) was started by Andrew Clement with this criteria:

Alexander has been doing so much for the AspectJ project, particularly over
the last couple of years. He has been the driver around huge changes:
- how we are now better organized at GitHub (including bringing AJDT into the
AspectJ repository
- refactoring the overall build of AspectJ
- he has evolved how we adopt JDT changes which has been so important as the
Java release cadence has increased.

Now he's currently sorting out the documentation which is way overdue a
refresh ( )

Combined these aren't just the actions of a regular committer but someone who
is demonstrating real leadership around the project.

On top of that he has been dealing with all the issue traffic at GitHub, and
keeping AJDT functioning ( ), which is no small
feat for someone not so familiar with the Eclipse IDE.

Review either the list of AspectJ commits:
or the list of issues fixes over the last year:

And it is all Alexander. As such I'd really like to nominate him as co-lead
of AspectJ.


Eclipse AspectJ™ project committers can click the election link below to



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