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[tools-pmc] Committer Election for Arnaud Fiorini on Eclipse Trace Compass Incubator has started

A committer election for Arnaud Fiorini on project Eclipse Trace Compass
Incubator (tools.tracecompass.incubator) was started by Matthew Khouzam with
this criteria:

Arnaud has consitently contributed to the  the Eclipse Trace Compass
Incubator team and has made a NOTICEABLE impact on the project. He works at
Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal and brings features requested by third
parties into Trace Compass. His first contribution was in 2019, it is now
2023. He authored many contributions that are strategic in nature. His major
contributions are in the HPC domain, adding OTF2 support with Yoann Heitz as
well as ROCm support. These are complicated tasks. He demonstrates regularly
deep knowledge of tracing and eclipse's ways of working.

Here is a list of contributions, the major ones are marked with "ROCm". He is
the maintainer of AMD's open standard for GPU programming.
Add a 'forgotten' tid assignment in the getThreadId for the STRING type
       callstack: Add instanceof check before casting model
callstack: Support many analysis module instead of taking the first one
       callstack: Add DataProviderDescriptors for the FlameChart
       traceevent: support opening traces with empty events
       rocm: Adds the support for ROCm trace type using CTF
       trace-server: Add a serializer for ITimeGraphArrows
       rocm: Update to the ROCm plugin to support the latest traces
       flamechart: solve data provider resolve issue
       rocm: Add copyright header to
       otf2: Add location group attribute support
       server: Modify putTrace to support empty name

Finally here is a list of patches he was involved with.

You will see a consistent quality in his work, a transparency in his
discussions, an openness to discussions, he earned this position, and it's
quite late in the game to finally offer it to him.

My only regret is that I can only nominate him once as a committer on Eclipse
Trace Compass Incubator.

Arnaud, you rock, I want to keep working with you!

Eclipse Trace Compass Incubator project committers can click the election
link below to vote.



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