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[tools-pmc] Project Lead election for Patrick Ziegler on Eclipse WindowBuilder™

A project lead election for Patrick Ziegler on project Eclipse
WindowBuilder™ (tools.windowbuilder) was started by Lars Vogel with this

Patrick is the driving force behind modernizing WB, keeping it up to date and
integrating with the revived GEF project.

In 2023 he is the most active committers and even though he started to
contribute in March 2023 he is already the second largest contributor in the
last two years:

vogella@Scyth:~/git/windowbuilder$ git shortlog --summary --numbered
     69  Patrick Ziegler
     15  Ed Merks
      5  Lars Vogel
      3  Laurent CARON
      1  Wim Jongman
vogella@Scyth:~/git/windowbuilder$ git shortlog --summary --numbered
     71  Lars Vogel
     69  Patrick Ziegler
     26  Ed Merks
     22  Marcel du Preez
     21  MarcelS4
     13  Wim Jongman
      5  Alexander Mitin
      4  Marcel Du Preez
      3  Laurent CARON
      2  howlger
      2  jposterloh
      1  Christoph Läubrich
      1  Marco Descher

Here is the list of this contributions:

git shortlog --author "Patrick"
Patrick Ziegler (69):
       Upload test results, even on test failures.
       Execute previously disabled JUnit Tests.
       Repair & Execute Nebula Tests
       Remove GTK2 from Linux-based OS Support
       Support baseline alignment fetching for Linux/Gtk3
       Fix NPE when using menu bar on Linux GTK3
       Update xvfb-action to a version which is using Node.js v16
       Fail the verification build if we have test errors
       The artifact name for the test results should be unique.
       Remove reflective access to x & y coordinates of ExpandItem widget.
       Stabilize IconPropertyEditorTest on Windows builds
       Fix NPE in ComponentsPropertiesPageTest.
       Fix invalid bounds of Swing components on Linux
       Adapt platform-specific checks to both work on Windows and Linux.
       [GTK] Ensure that layout is performed on all composites
       Fix test failures in JDialog and JInternalFrame.
       Fix test failures in FontProperty and FontSupport.
       [GTK] Enable the redraw flag after screenshot has been taken
       Set the no-transfer-progress flag for our Maven builds.
       Temporarily disable test cases related to empty bounds on Linux.
       Replace embedded MVEL2 jar with the latest Maven artifact
       String representation of system colors may be ambiguous.
       Perform automatic code cleanup - Organize Imports
       Fix calculation of shell insets in CoordinateUtilsTest
       Fix the remaining MigLayoutConverter test case.
       Repair & execute disabled Look and Feel test cases.
       [GTK3] Fix freeze when using GTKLookAndFeel in Swing
       Resolve "missing required source folder" error
       Replace embedded ASM jar with the latest SimRel bundle
       Upgrade project requirements to Java 17
       [JUnit] Attempt to stabilize the set-up/tear-down phase for each test.
       [Oomph] Add missing Nebula repositories to the setup script
       [JUnit] Attempt to stabilize Jenkins build.
       Revert "[JUnit] Attempt to stabilize Jenkins build."
       Disable test_deleteItemWithSubmenu() due to Jenkins failures
       Extend unstable tests with additional checks to isolate
       Adapt test cases to the removal of the Resource Navigator.
       [JUnit] Pump the SWT event queue for 100ms after selecting a tree
       Replace embedded Nebula jars with bundles from the target platform.
       [JUnit] Gracefully handle deletion of Compilation Units on Windows.
       [GEF] Replace the Dimension class with its latest GEF counterpart
       Remove support for the CTableTree widget.
       Replaced embedded Collections3 jar with latest SimRel version.
Access the interval GDK/GTK classes via reflection instead of directly.
       [GEF] Replace Insets class with its latest GEF counterpart
       Change runtime code generation in WB Core from CGLib to ByteBuddy
       Fix: "lastgoodbuild" update site misses dependent bundles
       Replace the version of the SimRel feature with the 0.0.0 wildcard.
       Simplify ByteBuddy code generation by using the native
       Replace the CGLib runtime code generation in WB SWT with ByteBuddy
       Issue 352 - Parameterized JComboBox breaks Design tab
       [GEF] Replace Translatable interface with its latest GEF component
       Completely remove the dependency to Commons Primitives
       [GEF] Replace Point class with its latest GEF counterpart.
       Fix: Can't install WB on Eclipse 4.27 and older (#437)
       Revert "Fix invalid bounds of Swing components on Linux"
       [GEF] Replace Interval class with latest GEF class.
       Adjust the lower bound of Guava to 30.1.0.
       Replace CGLib code generation in WB Core Java with ByteBuddy.
       Replace CGLib code generation in WB RCP with ByteBuddy
       Replace CGLib code generation in Swing JSR296 with ByteBuddy
       Replace CGLib in WB Tests with ByteBuddy.
       Replace usage of EasyMock with Mockito.
       Remove embedded CGLib jar and use ByteBuddy instead
       Replace all references to CGLib in the documentation with ByteBuddy.
       Add generated CMake files to .gitignore.
       [GTK3] Replace deprecated gtk_widget_is_composited()
       [GTK3] Fix Gdk-WARNING shown when creating the screen snapshots.
       Revert GTK3 fixes due to timeouts on the Jenkins build node. (#468)

Patrick is interested in helping WB for a longer period. Please join me in
giving Patrick the deserved title of project lead.

Eclipse WindowBuilder™ project committers can click the election link below
to vote.



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