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[tools-pmc] Release / Progress review for PDT

Hi Dawid,

I have seen there is a major new version of PDT now support PHP 8.0. Thank you for that work.

I also see there is a release created on the PMI - but there hasn't been a release/progress review in a few years. Can you schedule the review, or ask for help if needed?

The one thing I see as a minor concern for the release at the moment is a link for N&N. At the moment on for the N&N is a link to 7.2. I can see a great list of new items for N&N in, but was wondering if you can create a N&N page on Wiki or maybe right in the GitHub repo? That link can be added to the N&N section of the release:



Jonah Graham (he/him)
Kichwa Coders

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