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[tools-pmc] Committer Election for Jason Koch on Eclipse Memory Analyzer™ has started

A committer election for Jason Koch on project Eclipse Memory Analyzer™
(tools.mat) was started by Krum Tsvetkov with this criteria:

Jason Koch has made a number of very valuable contributions to the Eclipse
Memory Analyzer, the most notable ones being changes to speed-up the
heap-dump parsing process by extensively using parallelism.
Jason started contributing to MAT in 2019 and kept his interest in the
project - making further contribution and actively participating on the MAT
developer mailing list.
He has deep understanding of MAT's code base and valuable ideas on possible
improvements and the future development of MAT.

Here is a list of bugs where Jason was involved and commits (out of the IP

75130a	6 lines	02/27/2019	[277422] Parallel sort on key arrays
12430c	28 lines	02/27/2019	[277422] Bump hprof and parser compatibility to
Java 8
482a17	753 lines	02/27/2019	[277422] Extract interface for
3f2de2	173 lines	02/27/2019	[277422] Push AbstractParser member variable down
into classes
df3702	315 lines	02/27/2019	[277422] Introduce
BufferingRafPositionInputStream (not used yet)
f72d17	272 lines	02/27/2019	[277422] Basic parallel GarbageCleaner
1d4411	19 lines	02/27/2019	[277422] Shift constant pool into Pass1Parser
27ad79	6 lines	02/27/2019	[277422] Switch to BufferingRafPositionInputStream
in Pass1Parser
880fd1	130 lines	02/27/2019	[277422] Refactor logic split between Pass1Parser
and HprofParserHandlerImpl
79a479	52 lines	02/27/2019	[277422] Use slightly better concurrent data
structures in HprofParserHandlerImpl.
c39ff0	1,374 lines	02/27/2019	[277422] Extract key index files to modify out
of IndexWriter.
2fceef	140 lines	02/28/2019	[277422] Allow concurrent usage of
IntIndexCollector and LongIndexCollector.
f862d1	3 lines	02/28/2019	[277422] Enable concurrent usage of
0f4272	39 lines	02/28/2019	[277422] Make Pass2Parser concurrent!
7d86c5	94 lines	02/28/2019	[277422] Add batching and tune for multiple writer
threads in IntArray1NWriter
bc327f	20 lines	02/28/2019	[277422] Use fast indexed lookup for primitive
class types
cf5424	211 lines	02/28/2019	[277422] Add off-thread compression and io for
IntIndexStreamer and LongIndexStreamer
129720	42 lines	02/28/2019	[277422] Prepares for a Spliterator implementation
in Pass2Parser
6c2fb1	6 lines	02/28/2019	[277422] Switch Pass2Parser to use
9795e5	772 lines	02/28/2019	[277422] Refactor instance and array class
lookups out of Pass2Parser into HprofParserHandlerImpl
49ce7d	9 lines	02/28/2019	[277422] Add caching to class hierarchy lookups
400c05	17 lines	02/28/2019	[277422] Switch ClassImpl to use atomic
instructions rather than synchronized block
fc03e0	103 lines	03/04/2019	[277422] Contributors and todo updates
d75570	2 lines	04/10/2021	572754: Remove int[] purgedMapping memory
allocation before DominatorTree processing
cfb218	22 lines	06/02/2021	573908: Generate i2sv2 during indexing
5f29da	58 lines	06/02/2021	573930: eliminate unbounded queue in IndexWriter
691d57	12 lines	10/15/2021	573908: Generate i2sv2 during indexing with
correct listener

It is my pleasure to nominate Jason Koch as a committer on Eclipse Memory
Analyzer project!

Eclipse Memory Analyzer™ project committers can click the election link
below to vote.



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