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[tools-pmc] Committer Election for Alexander Kriegisch on Eclipse AJDT - AspectJ Development Tools Project has started

A committer election for Alexander Kriegisch on project Eclipse AJDT -
AspectJ Development Tools Project (tools.ajdt) was started by Andrew Clement
with this criteria:

Over many years Alexander has been doing an amazing job supporting AspectJ.
Staying completely on top of stack overflow related questions ( ) and raising high quality
bug reports (his comment history on AJDT goes back about 10 years). More
recently, he has actively been contributing to our projects, both AspectJ and
the Eclipse AJDT project. He has been the only person actively looking at
AJDT issues recently, and due to the complexity of how AJDT is implemented it
is quite fragile as the Eclipse platform itself is updated. Even though he
has no OSGi or eclipse plugin background he recognizes it is vital to keep
the tooling working and, importantly, with the new found frequency for Java
releases we need to drive AspectJ updates into AJDT on a more regular basis.

For these reasons I'd like to nominate him as a committer on Eclipse AJDT.

Eclipse AJDT - AspectJ Development Tools Project project committers can click
the election link below to vote.



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