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[tools-pmc] Adding Eclipse MAT to one or more EPP's?

(moving conversation to EPP-dev)

Thank you Andrew for the background on MAT.

Fellow EPP maintainers,

I am not sure if it has been considered before by the maintainers of the various primarily Java focussed packages to include Eclipse Memory Analyzer (MAT), however I forward this to you for your consideration. The EPP's have always seemed a good way to get tools into users' hands.


On Wed., Dec. 9, 2020, 10:07 Andrew Johnson, <andrew_johnson@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Quick question. MAT is not part of any of the EPP packages but is
> part of simrel. Any insight as to why it isn't, possibly some
> history I am not aware of?
> Thanks,
> Jonah
MAT is a small project so I think we just didn't consider it and weren't
asked. It started as an incubating project under Technology (in Galileo?)
and in 2010 graduated, moved to the Tools top-level project and was in the
Helios and following simrels.
Even though we are not part of a package we had 25,000 downloads in total
from 2020-03,2020-06,2020-09 so some users are finding MAT. [Compare to
approximately 200,000 downloads a year of the stand-alone MAT packages].

The possible packages would be any with Java:
Eclipse IDE for Java Developers
Eclipse IDE for Enterprise Java Developers
Eclipse IDE for Web and _javascript_ Developers
Eclipse IDE for Java and DSL Developers
Eclipse IDE for RCP and RAP Developers

but the first two are by far the most popular in downloads. As there are
many more package downloads than simrel downloads of MAT I don't know
whether the average user wants/needs/should have MAT. The extra size,
including some BIRT plugins should be about 19MB.

However MAT is not well integrated with JDT. There's just a link from the
Java classes and stack frames in the heap dump in MAT to the source in
JDT, and now the JDT list of JVMs is used to give suggestions for JVMs in
MAT used to acquire heap dumps. Perhaps more could be done
but it's hard to find the time, or new people to help.

Andrew Johnson

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