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[tools-pmc] Committer Election for Ivan Grinenko on Eclipse Trace Compass Incubator has started

A committer election for Ivan Grinenko on project Eclipse Trace Compass
Incubator (tools.tracecompass.incubator) was started by Genevieve Bastien
with this criteria:

Ivan has been very involved in the Trace Compass community recently. He is
actively working on the Multi View feature of the incubator (a variation on
the proposal 3 of design document [1]). He also participated in many irc
discussions. The status of committer will allow him to maintain and support
this feature. He will be a great addition to the team!


He has contributed patches in the incubator, namely the introduction of the
Multi View:

* tmf.ui: Add MultiView

This feature also required some changes in the Trace Compass mainline:

* tmf.ui: make XYChart's time axis' visibility toggleable :
* tmf.ui: make visibility of TimeGraph's controls changeable :
* tmf.ui: add action to lock Y axis to a given range :
* tmf.ui: Add ability to set a fixed range for Y axis :

Eclipse Trace Compass Incubator project committers can click the election
link below to vote.



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