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[tools-pmc] JakartaEE jars and Orbit

Hey everyone,
It's time to start asking us what are we going to do for JakartaEE projects in Orbit. Now that they are hosted no CQ is needed but also if we stick to the letter they don't belong in Orbit ( as it's for third party content which these no longer are.
One way is to extend/change Orbit charter and add content for projects which do not build p2 repositories. I really believe this is WRONG as this will be an invitation for more and more projects to not do releng work. Not to mention how there is practically no connection between adding content in Orbit and the project things originate from which is bad in so many ways.
Second way is that interested parties get involved with JakartaEE and try organizing an aggregator project (ala Orbit) for JakartaEE projects.
Third way is every project providing p2 repo like it was for now.

Either way, I will no longer approve CQs for JakartaEE content anymore and suggest other Tools PMC to no longer do so. They are simply not needed and can be added to Orbit directly if that's what the project wants.

Wayne, what would the EMO suggest here?

Alexander Kurtakov
Red Hat Eclipse Team

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