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[tools-pmc] Committer Election for Nico Prediger on Eclipse Graphical Editing Framework (GEF) has started

A committer election for Nico Prediger on project Eclipse Graphical Editing
Framework (GEF) (tools.gef) was started by Matthias Wienand with this

I am happy to nominate Nico Prediger to be elected as a Committer for the
Graphical Editing Framework (GEF) project at Eclipse.

Nico is already doing a great job in the context of the Xtext project w.r.t.
release engineering, and he did most of the hard work during the JIRO

I asked Nico if he would be willing to take the same responsibility for the
GEF project, and, fortunately, he agreed :-)

Nico and I have a gentlemen's agreement that Nico would take care of release
engineering, not the framework source code.

I have full confidence in Nico and I believe that he is perfectly capable of
1) supporting the JIRO migration for GEF, and 2) improving our releng

I ask all of you to vote and hope of course for your support.

Eclipse Graphical Editing Framework (GEF) project committers can click the
election link below to vote.



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