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[tools-pmc] Committer Election for Andrew Obuchowicz on Eclipse Wild Web Developer has started

A committer election for Andrew Obuchowicz on project Eclipse Wild Web
Developer (tools.wildwebdeveloper) was started by Mickael Istria with this

Andrew has implemented most of the main recent new features for Wild Web
Developer: debuggers, XML extensibility... He has demonstrated some good
expertise with the project development and is fluent with the contribution
process. He is also very responsive to community discussions on tickets and
For these reasons, I'm convinced Andrew deserve to be nominated as committer,
and the having him as a committer is also profitable for the project.

Here is the list of Andrew's contributions:
755bed69034f6e171403ecafbbfc73073624f0df (HEAD, tag: 0.8.0, eclipse/master,
eclipse/HEAD) Add extensions for XML support #266
6a2f8dca9105859f933e996023c3f26eaeba14fc [README] link to Chrome debugger
demo (#282)
fd14c39c9fec6660f38711685224010da0ceeda1 Make html projects/folders
debuggable with Firefox/Chrome on right-click menu
cbb485aeb3aa8070dcd758df321ce64120fde9fd Chrome Debuger Refactorings
7eed457473564d76a5d8adaa3d4cc76a07826764 Chrome Debugger integration
a4089e98754e7e0ca83ac679df2e6fec72914ff6 (tag: 0.5.0) Java projects shouldn't
be able to launch with Firefox #248
504e002f5fcb2f302612ab6bf1f8c78c2eefbfa5 Change default debug Firefox
shortcut to launch Firefox (not attach)
9ba2d13ac3991ade344bcaf1c03ad152d77c92d6 Integrate Firefox Debugger

Eclipse Wild Web Developer project committers can click the election link
below to vote.



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