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[tools-pmc] Eclipse aCute looking for new maintainers, or retiring

Hi all,

Eclipse aCute is a nice project to develop C# using Language Server and Debug Adapters, receiving ~600 Marketplace installation monthly.
However, we (Red Hat Eclipse IDE developers) initiated it at the beginning of Language Servers, more as a successful technical proof of concept and as a less successful tentative to fish C# developers into Eclipse IDE; without a real long-term strategy for the project.
Our effort towards language support is now more focused on other projects like Wild Web Developer (HTML, CSS, JSON, XML, YAML, _javascript_, TypeScript) and Corrosion (Rust), and we don't have the necessary resources to care enough about aCute any more.
So we're going to stop fully our work on aCute. If anyone wants to take the lead, we'd be delighted to help for a smooth transition. If no-one claims further interest in maintaining it relatively soon, we'll ask Foundation to archive the project.

Mickael Istria
Eclipse IDE developer, for Red Hat Developers

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