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[tools-pmc] Committer Election for Marco Stornelli on Eclipse C/C++ Development Tooling (CDT) has started

A committer election for Marco Stornelli on project Eclipse C/C++ Development
Tooling (CDT) (tools.cdt) was started by Jonah Graham with this criteria:

Hello fellow CDT committers,

I would like to nominate Marco Stornelli. Marco has been making a big impact
recently with lots of great work including many improvements to the
formatter, codan and generally the whole editing experience when using C++. I
have included a list of the bugs he has completed already below, along with
links to the many gerrits closed and many more that are in progress. Marco
has handled bugs ranging from the small and old lingering bugs, to adding new
features desired by the CDT community.

546395 Add "copy qualified name"
546391 [formatter] Tags on/off problems
546179 [fn] Member initialization checker
545562 [fp] Return checker error with noreturn and template function
544980 Add a check for using-directives in header files
544516 Save actions in C/C++ Editor will not format whole file
543947 Code Formatter is confused by macro and stream
540252 [formatter] Formatter creates illegal code on template instantation of
519105 [[noreturn]] function called from another does not suppress "no
return" warning
501609 Disassembly view colors can not be configured and do not change
correctly with theme
496249 Tags for disabling/enabling CDT code formatter (feature)
492878 Spurious "No return, in function returning non-void"
475349 code formatter places semicolon in newline after macro with braces
(function-like macro)
468206 [Search] C/C++ Search - unable to change search match background color
467346 Code formatter produce unexpected result with struct __attribute__
453385 Incorrect formatting of the "for" loop if space before semicolon
449394 Formatter: Constructor initializer list always wraps
414681 Formatter: Semicolon after bodiless for loop ends up on new line
406231 AbortFormatting exception when macro contains a TemplateId
397710 C++ Code Style formatting wrong with stdbool.h
361768 Use of two sequential macros in C++ code formats incorrectly
303870 Source-> Implement Virtual Method
299482 'extern "C" {' indentation not handled by Code Style preferences
278903 Incorrect formatting when code is disabled by preprocessor
241355 Save action for code formatting

The above list is generated from the following query:

Patches already fully reviewed and merged:

Patches that Marco has in progress:

Eclipse C/C++ Development Tooling (CDT) project committers can click the
election link below to vote.



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