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[tools-pmc] Committer Election for Max Bureck on Eclipse Corrosion: the Eclipse IDE for Rust has started

A committer election for Max Bureck on project Eclipse Corrosion: the Eclipse
IDE for Rust (tools.corrosion) was started by Mickael Istria - away until
July 30th with this criteria:

Max has been an early-adopter and power user of Corrosion for several months,
and started contributing patches about at the same time.
He's very helpful on the ticket discussion, looking at code details,
providing hints; and he's evangelizing about the project:
The frequency of his contributions increased drastically recently and the
quality of the contribution is very good both in term of addressed issues and
of code "style".

Here is the list of patches provided by Max on Corrosion:
With several patches in the last days, he's currently the main contributor to
the project ;)

For all these reasons, I think Max should be entitled as a committer on
Corrosion and I'm confident he will be a great addition for the continued and
upcoming success of the project.

Eclipse Corrosion: the Eclipse IDE for Rust project committers can click the
election link below to vote.



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