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Re: [tools-pmc] Andmore project ... for your awareness

IMHO, it’s not really dead. We do get the odd contribution once in a while. Dave Carver is still running it when things come by.


I’m OK with this kind of discussion on that list. It needs to be discussed and the community needs to get angry about the state of things. It shows they do care and hopefully that will drive a revival.




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Subject: [tools-pmc] Andmore project ... for your awareness


Fellow PMC members,

In case some of you do not follow the 'andmore-dev' list, I wanted to call your attention to this thread,

It discusses the "death of andmore".

As a PMC, in an ideal world, we'd work to find a company or individual committers who might be
interested in seeing it continue. But I am not sure any of us have the time or contacts to do

In any case, it is another project we might want to proactively terminate (after confirming it is
"dead enough") rather let it flounder.

Just FYI.

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