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[tools-pmc] Committer Election for Simon Delisle on Eclipse Trace Compass has started

A committer election for Simon Delisle on project Eclipse Trace Compass
(tools.tracecompass) was started by Bernd Hufmann with this criteria:

Simon has been around in the Trace Compass on and off over several years. He
was contributing the first time to the project as part of an internship back
when Trace Compass was still part of the Linux Tools project.

Afterwards he did is Masters in tracing and worked on a graphical tool to
create XML definition for the data-driven analysis of Trace Compass.

Before returning and contributing to Trace Compass again, he had been
contributing to Eclipse modelling projects such as Papyrus or

Contributing to various Eclipse projects he gained knowledge of the Eclipse

Over the last year, he has been contributing features, bug fixes and test
cases to the Trace Compass project.

He helped the Trace Compass team with his knowledge of RCPTT to automate test
cases for regular Trace Compass releases.

He is currently working on the effort of decoupling of core and UI in Trace

With his experience with Eclipse and Trace Compass in particular, he will a
great addition to the team of Trace Compass committers.

Eclipse Trace Compass project committers can click the election link below to



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