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[tools-pmc] Piggy-backing the Node.js exempt prerequisite CQ

The Linux Tools Project would like to ship a plugin (wrapped as an
optional feature) that provides the ability to edit Dockerfiles using
the dockerfile-lanaguage-server-nodejs package [1]. This package
requires Node.js to run. The CQs to ship dockerfile-langauge-server-
nodejs will need to be created separately but for now we seek simply
the ability to have a Prerequisite CQ on Node.js itself.

We intend to use nodejs version 6.11.2 or later. I have noticed CQ 9479
[2] (Exempt Prerequisite On Node.js 0.12.2 and later). Could we simply
piggy-back off of this CQ given the 'and later' wording or would a
newer Pre-requisite CQ (against our preferred version) need to be
opened ?

Roland Grunberg


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