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Re: [tools-pmc] About LDT joining Oxygen late

Can we consider this matter resolved?

The rules state that the PMC is to petition the Eclipse Planning Council to have the project included.

I think that we can finish that step with a quick note from the PMC's Planning Council representative.

I mentioned that this was coming on the call today. The path has been cleared...


On 09/02/17 12:47 PM, Roland Grunberg wrote:
Fellow Tools PMC members,

According to the Planning Council (PC) list, see the thread beginning with

they would like to "hear from the Tools PMC" about LDT joining Oxygen,
and, I assume, from our PC rep (Doug) that we approve and formally
request an exception to the "M4 rule".

I suggest we just take the following posting to ldt-dev list as their
"request to us" and then that we approve it and then that Doug follow-up
with the PC list.

The note explains it is "a bug fix release" so I would not think there
is much risk. I am unsure if anyone else depends on them.

Here is my +1.

Anyone know of a reason not to? If anyone needs more information from
LDT please initiate that discussion with them.

+1 from me.

For just a bug fix release, I think it should be fine.

There weren't any commits to project from Sep. - Dec 2016 and recent ones
are from the same author so  that could explain things [1].


Wayne Beaton
The Eclipse Foundation

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