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[tools-pmc] [CQ 12227] org.jacoco.agent Version: 0.7.7 (ATO CQ11822)

--- Comment #3 from Evgeny Mandrikov <mandrikov@xxxxxxxxx>  2016-11-07 11:01:03 ---
(In reply to comment #2)
> This is fine with me but I'm not entirely clear on a few things :
> I notice that org.jacoco.agent includes a nested jar 'jacocoagent.jar' which
> contains classes for which I don't see the sources in the CQ11822 submission.
> There are also other classes that appear to be from 'org.jacoco.core' and even
> some classes from ASM.
> Are there more CQs coming ? Or will this be packaged differently than the maven
> central binaries ?
> Do those classes correspond to the same version of org.jacoco.core already
> being proposed and ASM already approved ?

"org.jacoco.agent" bundle provides API used by Eclipse EclEmma Plugin to get
the actual Java agent "jacocoagent.jar" as a resource. This is exactly the same
bundle as in Maven Central -

This nested JAR contains classes from same version of "org.jacoco.core" (CQ
12226) and from ASM 5.1 (CQ 11431). During packaging of this JAR those classes
are placed to a different package, which allows to execute JaCoCo on JaCoCo.

Should I create CQ for the nested JAR?

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