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[tools-pmc] Please add Roland Grunberg to the Tools PMC

The Tools PMC nominated and voted to invite Roland Grunberg to the Tools PMC. (He is the new Orbit Project lead).

The record of the nomination and voting on our tools-pmc mailing list is pasted below. There were 4 "+1s" (including the nomination)
and no objections within the one week voting period. And, Roland even agreed to it! :) (via email). Thanks, Roland.
Please affirm and add Roland to the appropriate database. 

Thank you, 

= = = = = = =

David Williams     Nomination (9/2)

Doug Schaefer                    +1
Alexander Kurtakov               +1
Eric Clayberg                    +1

No mailing list vote. Assumed "0".

Greg Watson
John Duimovich
Andrew Clement

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