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[tools-pmc] PMC approval for composer usage in PDT

Hi Tools PMC,

PDT Team wants introduce support for composer [1] [2]. In short, it’s very popular dependency manager dedicated for PHP, similar to bower / maven.

During CQ process for community plugin integration [3] IP Team suggest us to ask PMC for approve, and to create workswitch CQ if needed.

Regarding to guidelines [4] I’m not sure if it’s works-with or prerequisite dependncy, so please help:
1. We don’t redistribute composer.phar file (btw to run composer.phar, PHP command is also required)
2. We provide settings page/wizard to select tool form file system, or to download it (globally or per project).
3. We need such tool to run some command like update / install
4. Without composer.phar install, PDT will be still functional (composer.json editor, php editor etc…), except methods that require it. 

[3] -

Dawid Pakuła

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