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Re: [tools-pmc] Change in Orbit Project Lead

Hello David,

The following changes have been made in our database:

David Williams has been deactivated as the project lead for Orbit, but will remain a committer on the project.
In his place, Roland Grunberg has been inputted as the project lead for Orbit.

I'd like to take a moment and thank you, David, for your service as project lead. As well, I'd like to thank you, Roland, for stepping up and taking on the role.



On 2016-08-16 9:49 AM, David M Williams wrote:
Tools PMC and EMO,

A vote was started one week ago, on August 9, on orbit-dev mailing list to nominate and vote for a new Project Lead, to replace myself (David Williams) with Roland Grunberg as the sole lead.

The mailing list documentation of the vote is listed below.

As PMC member, I will also approve (if that "self approval" is an issue, let us know).

EMO, please affirm this nomination and update your database to show that Roland is now the official Orbit Project Lead.

To be explicit, I would like to remain a committer for a while, just not Project Lead.

Thank you.
= = = = = = = = = = =

David Williams        (nomination, implied +1)
Roland Grunberg       (assumed +1 -- he did agree via email! :)


Mikael Barbero
Ryan Brooks 
Erwin De Ley
Nicholas Loulloudes
Doug Schaefer
Matthias Sohn
Gunnar Wagenknecht
Thomas Watson
Philip Wenig

No vote (implied 0)

Mickael Istria
Markus Keller
Markus Knauer
Marc-Andre Laperle
Jens Reimann
Ashish Singh
Sarika Sinha
Lars Vogel

Stephanie Swart on behalf of the Eclipse Management Organization
Project Coordinator- Memberships and Open Source Projects
Eclipse Foundation

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