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Re: [tools-pmc] PMC Approval for Linux Tools 5.0.0 for Neon

+1 from me.

My usual suggestion that it is best not to name companies to maintain vendor neutrality, but it's a tiny comment so no objections from me ... just be careful. :) [And, I know, we all like to give well deserved credit where credit is due!]

Overall, it seems Linux tools is getting very mature -- I just wish I was smart enough to use it. :)  Guess I'll have to search for some Tutorials. Tutorials or papers that have been published or presented "since last release" are often listed in review documentation as one of your methods of "community outreach". Perhaps such as the following?

Overall looks very good.

From:        Jeff Johnston <jjohnstn@xxxxxxxxxx>
To:        Tools PMC mailing list <tools-pmc@xxxxxxxxxxx>,
Date:        05/24/2016 05:55 PM
Subject:        [tools-pmc] PMC Approval for Linux Tools 5.0.0 for Neon
Sent by:        tools-pmc-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx


I am looking for approval for the 5.0.0 major release of Linux Tools
intended for Eclipse Neon.

The major release adds support for a DockerFile editor, adds the ability
to search private registries, adds privileged support for Containers, among
other bug fixes.  A number of new APIs have also been exposed in the Docker
Interfaces as the underlying docker client has been updated.

The ipLog has already been submitted.  The release review can be found at:

and the N&N can be found at:


-- Jeff
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